Mentorship Program

Become the lead character in your own story!

You're tired of feeling overwhelmed, anxious and like you don't fit into this the world. You want to live a 'normal' life.


*You’ve tried fitting in by being someone you’re not

*You’ve attempted to get rid of your anxiety

*You’ve given up and ‘accepted’ that people just don’t get you

*You’ve realized that you will just stay away from people so that you don’t get hurt anymore

*You dislike being in large crowds because you find it too hard to recharge afterward

*You’ve heard that “you’re too sensitive” one to many times

*You’re afraid to help others because you already feel so deep inside that you can’t take the feeling of overwhelm

I get that you’ve tried everything and are feeling trapped in your own thoughts and feelings. So much so that you’re tired of…. well… being tired!

What's happened is instead of feeling comfortable in your own skin you're feeling like you want to step out of it. You keep wondering is this really it?


*To understand how being introverted & highly sensitive is a good thing

*Coping techniques for dealing with anxiety and overwhelm

*A society where you could be authentically you and not feel like an alien on another planet

*Know and truly understand who you are

Really, you just want to be YOU!

If any of this sounds familiar, you're not alone.


*Living a life that is calm and peaceful

*Waking up in the morning excited for the day ahead

*Learning to channel other people’s emotions in a positive way

*Navigating this extroverted world without losing yourself

*Staying true to your beliefs and values and still fitting in

*Being able to cope when you’re at a party or outing

*Finally understanding who you are which will allow you live authentically

I believe that if you can find a way out of overwhelm, discover who you really are and what your passions are then you can lead a life that is full of happiness.

This is possible for you as well, let me show you how!

Hi! I'm Tessa. I'm a transformational coach for introverted and highly sensitive souls that want to break free from the anxieties and overwhelm of living in an extroverted fast paced world, so they can live an authentic and carefree life.

Mentorship Program

Program Details

This mentorship program will be personalized to your own needs.

Some topics we may cover:

*Help reduce overwhelm and anxiety

 *How highly sensitive people view the world differently; personally and/or professionally

*Fitness and nutrition – how to understand it and stay healthy

*Understand who you really are

*Learn how to live authentically without changing who you are

*Gather tools to keep with you so you know how to cope under stress

*Know how to feel comfortable in your own skin

*Learn how to be around others without falling apart

*Work to discover the core beliefs that are holding you back

*Overcome your shyness so that you can shine your amazing light in this world

*Have tools to deal with large groups of people

*If you are an entrepreneur, learn how to sell and gain followers without feeling salesy and do so with confidence

*Build real and lasting relationships

*And More!

What type of results you can expect

*Live a calm and peaceful inner life

 *Understand that your traits are a gift instead of a curse

*Keep fit and healthy so that you feel good physically

*Be able to live your truth by knowing yourself

*Live authentically instead of trying to become someone else to fit in

*Have a toolkit in order to help with those stressful moments

*Feel comfortable and confident in your own skin

*Be able to be around others without needing to hide away

*Release any of those subconscious thoughts so that you feel free to be yourself

*Grow a thriving business by being your true self

*Build long lasting relationships

This program is for you if

*You are willing to dig deep

*You really want to get to the core of what is stopping you from living an authentic life

*You are ready for change

*You have an open mind

*You want to fast-track your journey

Included In The Program

A Comprehensive Welcome Package

This includes a very in-depth questionnaire so that I can understand your goals, needs and wants for the next 12 months. It will help me get a better idea of who you are and what you’re looking to get out of the mentorship program.

24 - 30 Minute Laser focused coaching calls

You will receive 24 – 30 Minute Laser focused, yet relaxing, coaching calls. These will be 2 per week so that you get the support and accountability you need. If you do not like getting on the phone we can chat over Facebook messenger for the half hour time slot.

Unlimited Facebook Messenger/Email Support

You will receive additional support from me through Facebook messenger and/or via email. I do try to respond within 24 hours (although I usually respond faster).


My Growing as an introverted highly sensitive soul workshop

This program is 8 weeks long with 2 extra weeks to implement what you have learned.It also includes my Journey into the soul course! ($826 Value)

3 - 20 Minute Recharge Calls

During the 3 months of coaching, you may feel you need a quick call to recenter yourself. You will get 2 extra 20 minute calls as needed. ($250 Value)

Personalized Online Support Journal

To keep any fun and exciting ‘homework’, worksheets, audios and other helpful items. You will be able to add in your own personal suggestions and I will be able to view them and respond to you. (Priceless)

2 Additional 60 Minute Coaching Calls

Included in these bonuses you will get one additional kickstart coaching call to map out our time together and an additional 60-minute celebration call to see how far you’ve come and your next steps. ($500 Value)

Can I say how super excited I am that you're here!! I cannot wait to meet you and take this journey with you!

Are you ready to move past the overwhelm and design a life that is filled with a sense of calm and happiness? Book a clarity session to figure out if we would be a great fit 🙂 How it works: 1. Sign up for your free clarity session here 2. We will get to know each other, go over your goals, figure out what you are hoping to get out of this mentorship and answer any questions you have.

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