Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, anxious and misunderstood?

Feeling like there is something “wrong” with you?

Do you feel your energy gets drained constantly?

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you feel:





*Like you have no boundaries

*Paralyzed by fear

*You hate small talk

*Find it draining to be around others for too long

Maybe you feel like:

You can no longer cope with the outside world without filters.

You KNOW that you have a lot of compassion and empathy to offer the world but right now it’s feeling more like a curse.

WHY does it seem that everyone has it together and is “in” the loop yet, you feel like you’re a weirdo who doesn’t fit in.

The truth is you are a beautiful, amazing soul. You don’t need to “grow a backbone” or feel bad about the decisions you make.

As introverted highly sensitive people, we can learn to protect ourselves at a very young age. We found a way to cope with the outside world by putting up filters so that things wouldn’t hurt so much.

Does it seems that you just can’t escape the feeling of being trapped?

Are you ready to feel good in your own skin and accept yourself for who you are?

I'm ready to leave the darkness behind

I'm Ready

I have had the fortunate pleasure of getting to know Tessa through her online Facebook Group for introverted, highly sensitive souls. Tessa is remarkably grounded, knowledgeable, empathic, and has an amazing presence online which allows her followers to feel more authentic, secure, and whole. She is an amazing coach, person, and friend. Anyone who has the opportunity of working with her will have a life-affirming, life-changing experience.

Nancy Tavares-Jones, MC, RP
Registered Psychotherapist and Personality Type Coach — Nancy

Being totally transparent, I was never the cool kid in class. I was the observer. I always felt like a ghost, as if I didn’t even exist. So much so that when people talked to me I felt awkward and thought to myself, “wait, you can see me?”.

I was always looking to others to make a decision for me and needing the validation of others or I would sit in guilt for months. Even if I didn’t do anything wrong.

Yes, I was in your spot not too long ago.

I was spinning my wheels by spending money that I didn’t have & reading self-help books that I never put into action. I felt that I was trapped in this world of anxiety and depression and the best way to “fix” myself was to take control of the world around me.

So, I tried just that.

I would need to know exactly what other people were doing & thinking at all times so that I knew exactly how to expand my energy and protect myself (Of course, I didn’t know that’s why I was doing it!). And I needed to make sure everything went according to plan, heaven forbid plans changed the same day.   I would be upset by the news, touched by a commercial – the entire day -, and would end up sitting at the bottom of my shower for an entire hour staring into nowhere.

I knew that somewhere inside of me was my true self and I just wished it would come out. If I could just show people the real me they’d love me. I was aching inside, trapped in a cage with no key. I can only explain it as drowning in a blackness where my energy & soul ceases to exist.

But, I had a spark in me. Something that wouldn’t let me stop. Something that kept me going even on my darkest of days.

What I learned was that I was so focused on what I couldn’t control and what I didn’t want happening that I created a fear based place for me to live in.

I became mindful of the fact that I was so afraid of my soul being exposed, my true self-showing & then being rejected that I told myself I needed to become someone different, someone “normal”. I felt like I was a failure at life and was doing it all wrong.

So, taking a leap of faith, I found someone to help me on my journey and through sheer determination, I figured out a way to open those cage doors and fly with my own flock of birds.

*I no longer get nervous when others may have a different opinion

*I’m no longer focused on “fitting in” but rather happy to be who I am

*My anxiety and depression is but a whisper these days and when they show up I know how to cope with them

*I know how to handle all the energy that can surround me

*I no longer feel like it’s me against the world

*I have a place to call home

Do you DREAM about being YOU and not worrying about what others think of you?

Have you always wanted some SUPPORT that will keep you accountable and cheer you on along YOUR path?

Are you READY to step out of your own way and leave your fears BEHIND?

Would you like to consistently feel COMFORTABLE with who YOU really are?

You KNOW it’s time to to end the struggle of feeling alone in a cruel world.

Live your life out loud in your own quiet way!

 It’s time to step up, out of the darkness and into your true light.

I am ready to step into my light.

When I think of you I think of a warm loving caring person. You love with all your heart. You are a real sweetheart.


There IS a way and you can do it.

By learning to see things in a new way, you will realize that you’ve always held the keys to those doors you’ve been trapped behind.

Do you know the steps to take to release yourself from the constant struggle so that you don’t have to be “on” all the time and feel constantly drained?

How many self help books have you tried already without lasting success?

Feeling stuck?

How much more money will you spend trying to figure it out all by yourself?

It’s taken me a lifetime of learning and getting coaching to like who I am AND be totally cool with it.

Once I learned all the tools I needed to make that lasting change I was able to take each piece and apply it to my everyday life.

Hi! I’m Tessa. I work with introverted highly sensitive people that want to break free from the anxieties and overwhelm of living in an extroverted, fast paced world, outgoing world so that they can live an authentic and carefree life.

I’m super excited to Introduce to you my newest academy…

The academy is an 8-week program designed for introverted highly sensitive people.

It will allow you to calm your anxieties and reduce your overwhelm.

What’s included:

The welcome packet will guide you along on your journey. It will navigate you through the entire course, tell you what to expect, where to locate everything and more!





There will be 6 core modules release on a weekly basis. These will teach you the rockin’ lesson for that week.




Each week you will also be getting the accompanying sheets. These will allow you to put the lesson into action and really search your soul for lasting change!
You will get 2 full weeks to implement everything you’ve learned. This will help you ultimate overwhelm that can present itself when you learn something new.




Once a week I will be around to answer your questions. You can ask them right in the Facebook group or you can message me them!




Setting an intention for each lesson will help you focus on what’s really important and avoid that overwhelm of what you’re really supposed to be learning from each lesson.




You will get an affirmation card for each week that is tied in with the intension.




I’ll be taking notes for you so that you can focus on the materials. I will add in a brief outline of each lesson.




Check out the soul searching modules for each week

Module 1: Shift Into Serenity

Rethink how you feel about life while staying true to yourself


  • Discover the one thing that can change the way you view the world and why it’s so important
  • Understand how a simple thought can wreck havoc on your life and how to change it
  • Figure out how the people around you could be keeping you stuck in your self-defeating habits and how to take back your power
  • How thought alone can transform your mindset

Module 2: Brain Power!

We’re going to get a little technical in this module. But, don’t worry, I will break it down so it’s super easy to understand!


  • The three levels of the brain and how they affect everything you do
  • How you may be living in the past even when you think you’re moving forward
  • Figure out how you can actually change your brain to start living the life you want

Module 3: Just Be

Implementation week


  • A Catch-up week to help reduce any overwhelm
  • Ask any questions needed with 2 Office days this week
  • Take a breather & mediate

Module 4: Escaping Emotional Chains

How to ditch the destructive thoughts that are ruining your life


  • Figure out the two most basic emotions and how it can lead to unbreakable confidence
  • Unravel the meaning of emotions and how you can utilize them in a good way
  • Find out how doing very little can actually be the best thing for you

Module 5: Energy, it's everywhere

Learn how to work with your energy so that it benefits you. You are more powerful than you may think.


  • Learn about the different brain waves and why it’s the fastest route to calm
  • Uncover what it means to be an empath, then find out if you are one of them
  • Find out how to leverage your energy fields so you can protect them and feel safe

Module 6: Continue Being

Implementation week


  • A Catch-up week to help reduce any overwhelm
  • Ask any questions needed with 2 Office days this week
  • Take a breather & mediate

Module 7: Your Personality

Understand traits and how they are effecting your life in a big way



  • Learn what it really means to be a highly sensitive person and why it is actually a blessing
  • Find out what your personality type is and how it can improve your everyday life
  • Understand what each type is like to improve your relationships
  • What does it really mean to be an introvert versus an extrovert
  • Special Guest Appearance

Module 8: Forgivness

How forgiveness is really the key to breaking through your chains


  • What forgiveness is
  • What forgiveness is not
  • Why it’s important to forgive and why it’s okay to wait
  • How to leverage forgiveness as a tool to learn how to accept yourself

Plus I’m adding in these soul soothing bonuses:

Finding a community of people to lift you up is a must have!

1 - 35 minute session

This one to one session is a great way for us to get to know each other. It’ll be just me and you! Don’t worry, we can use Facebook chat if you don’t like phone. And if you like phone we don’t have to use video!

Extra 2 weeks of support & Lifetime Access

I will be inviting you into the membership 1 week early and also offer you an extra week after the course so that you can take the course at your own pace.

Like-Minded Community

You have the option of joining the facebook group. I strongly suggest you join this. The relationships and friendships you can build here are priceless! You can start out by just watching other people if that is more comfortable and then as time goes on you can participate. The group is not mandatory.

Guest Speaker!

We have an amazing Guest Speak who will be teaching us all about personality traits and how they can help us figure out who we really are and what our needs are!

I'm ready to step out of the darkness

I'm Ready

The great thing about this program is that it’s all online. Introverts can THRIVE online because you choose when to interact and when you want to recharge and step back.

So why is it so hard to figure it out all on your own?

Because there is so much information out there that it creates overwhelm and frustration. This course is created so that you get the information needed that I know works as it worked for me.

If you are:


*Highly Sensitive

*Looking to finally understand yourself

*Want to stop feeling like there’s something wrong with you and that you just don’t fit in

*Someone who can’t seem to escape the frustrations of everyday life and is looking for that next step

*Someone who is looking for support to help transition into a new part of your life

*Ready for change

It was so awesome to work with you. You were super patient with me when I kept changing directions, you helped me get super clear on what I wanted to do and you never once told me that I couldn’t do it. It was so refreshing to finally have someone in my corner and understand what I am capable of! Because of that, you have helped me transform into a stronger woman and helped me realize that I can do anything I set my mind to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are awesome. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with you. You’ve honestly changed my life!

Nicole A.

Then I offer you an invitation to join my newest academy.

Many courses give you some basic information and then leave you wondering what’s next.

Most programs will not offer only 1:1 support or leave you to do the course on your own.

This academy is all inclusive.

I spent my whole life trying to get out of the darkness and step into my life. I can offer this to you in a much quicker, shorter time!

Let me help you step….

Out Of The Darkness, Into Your Light

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