Journey Into The Soul

Find yourself through the psychology of personality

You’ve been living your life the best way you’ve known how but there’s still a missing piece, a deep inner light just waiting to be released.

Or maybe you’ve found that light and are trying to figure out how to bring it into your life every day so that you can finally feel like you are in control of your life instead of having the world overwhelm you.

There’s a darkness that lives in our soul. Someone that we are almost afraid to bring out.

Thoughts of “If people knew the real me, they’d run the other way”, “People are better off without me” or “What if people find out who I really am inside and think that I’m weird?”.

The scariest part of all is that we don’t even know who this person is inside. We are trying to search and find ourselves in the world. Sometimes we are lucky and get to a point of acceptance without really knowing but there’s still a longing of how to fit the world into who you really are.

Like a puzzle piece you need to find the edge’s first and the fill in the middle pieces.

Those edge’s are finding your true inner self. Who you are at your very CORE.

That darkness and fear that you hide away from the world comes from a fear of being misunderstood because you don’t even understand it yet.

I invite you into my newest course, Journey into the soul, to search yourself at your CORE level. Find that beautiful inner soul that you are and truly understand it.

You don’t have to go at it alone, I’m here to support you!

I understand feeling anxious and overwhelmed all the time.

I know what it’s like to try and be someone who is ‘normal’.

I’ve felt the extreme awkward moments, the hate for small talk and the feeling of being left out.

My whole life I have had a needed a deep sense of connection and searched for meaning.

I refused to give up. I wanted to know more. I researched a ton (the INFP in me) for many years and I finally discovered that I wasn’t weird or odd and that in fact I wasn’t the only one that felt that way.

I realized that the world is seen through the lens of outgoing extroverted sensation seeking individuals. And I found out that I’m not like that and that’s okay!

If you’re:

Tired of using your sick or vacation days at work because you’re too drained or overwhelmed from work?


Ready to stop living life according to other people’s opinions and judgements and step into your own light so you can wake up excited for the day ahead that is filled with passion and purpose.


Finally ready to find meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime instead of living with people full of drama who end up leaving you sad and lonely.


At the point where you want to let go of your insecurities of nevering feeling good enough so that you can finally feel at peace with who you are

Start living life according to your own terms.

Did you know that the world is viewed through each individual’s own ‘lens’ instead of how the world is actually?

So, in order to fully understand who you are, how to apply that and how you view the world you need a roadmap, a journey into your own soul.

In my newest course, ‘Journey Into The Soul’, you will find that roadmap with the exact tools you will need to search your soul, find yourself and live authentically.


*Getting rid of the trapped anxiety within so you can feel comfortable in your own skin, living your life however you choose

*Having the ability to remove all your masks and filters when you go out in the world once and for all so that you can  live a life full of peace and serenity

*Overcoming shyness by understanding who you really are at your core level in order to can communicate with killer confidence

*Developing yourself within your ever changing highest self so that you can continue to grow & eventually give back on a larger scale

*Figuring out why your energy is drained so often and how you can reclaim that energy to enjoy each and every day in peace

*Build a small group of solid, real relationships so that you are free to be yourself without fear of losing someone, yet again

*Working with the need to constantly search for that missing piece in life so that you can live in your own zone of genius

I will teach you the basics of personality and how you can use it to find that breath of fresh air you’ve been searching for your whole life. You can finally begin your journey into your soul, understanding who you are and how you can use that to constantly grow, being the very best version of yourself you can be! You will gain confidence, protect your energy and find purpose in your life.

Journey Into Your Soul

This 5-part program was designed for caring, sensitive and empathetic people just like you.
Through audio, PDF’s & a workbook, I will show how to find and work with your true inner self and how to relate it to our chaotic world.

You are ready to:

*Finally feel calm with a sense of relief in your life so you don’t have to stay locked in your room away from people all the time

*Accept that you are not alone and that there is nothing wrong with you so you can build relationships with people you actually want to be around

*Understand why you may feel the way you do and that you don’t have to change who you are so that you feel confident in your own skin

*Improve your relationships so you can attract all the right people into your life that will accept you for who you are so that you are free to be your true self

*Take back your emotions so you can put the brakes on your emotional rollercoaster so that you don’t feel like you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions all at once

Don’t let another year go by of wishing your precious time away.

There is so much information out there that, like me, it could take years to sort through it all. Or I could help you fast-track your understanding by offering the information that I found life changing.

What’s Included?
5 Lessons including Worksheets in PDF format
You’ll get 5 PDF files that is all sorts of fun with tips, tools and resources to help you manage your emotions and energy as well as a Fun workbook that will have lots of exciting challenges and activities to take you through the course (you don’t want to miss this part!)
Audio to go along with the PDF’s
a quick review of each PDF to help you understand the content

Are you ready to take back your life?

Here’s how it’s going down:
Module 1
An overview of Personality Psychology
*A look at some of the theories of psychology over time
*What is the Psychology of Personality
Module 2
Reviewing personality and what it really means
*Are we just putting labels on ourselves?
*Why it’s still important to know your personality type even if you’re comfortable in your own skin
Module 3
A Review of the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI) system
*How it came to be, What do the 4 letters mean & an in depth look at the 16 types
*Reviewing the 8 cognitive functions
Module 4
A review of the Enneagram System
*How it came to be, What does the symbol mean and how do I read it, What are wings and how do they affect me?
Module 5
A review of being a highly sensitive person
*How the trait came about, What it means to be highly sensitive &How to manage your energy
*Get some tools to help you navigate an outgoing stimulating world
BONUS: Module 6
Bringing it all together
*How does this all go together?
*Where to go next?


*50% on my Out of the Darkness into Your Light Course by August 31 2016

*Checklist for the course to keep track of your journey in the course
If you’ve come this far on the page it means that you are serious about your life and willing to do what it takes to get to the next level.

Coming July 25th
Your investment: $47  $27! Sale ends July 10th

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program just for introverted souls?

Nope! This program will help those that are extroverted highly sensitive souls as well, however, there will be a large part of the course that is tailored to introverted people. I will go into extroverts and what they prefer but most of my tips will be geared towards introverts. If you are an extroverted HSS (Highly Sensitive Soul) then you may still benefit from the tips since you are Highly Sensitive.

When does the program start?

It starts Monday, July 18th 2016.

Do you offer any other discounts?

Yes! I do. If you purchase multiple courses (for gifts, etc.) then I do offer discounts. Message me if you have any other questions about that.

I’m not sure. I feel anxious just thinking about joining?

That’s totally okay. You are not alone with that feeling and it’s okay to feel that. I would really encourage you to step outside your comfort zone for just a little while. Once you start on your journey you’ll see that you’ll find ways of reducing that. And again, it’s totally okay to feel that!

Can I just wait until I have things a little more sorted out in my life?

Of Course!! It’s totally up to you – no pressure. I’m just offering something I think can help. I will say that there is no right time to start. You need to start working on yourself first (and usually through some guidance for faster results) before you will notice your life changing. If you wait for things to change in your life and then get ready to work on you, you may wait forever. I’ve been there, done that and found that waiting just doesn’t get you the same results.
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