To get the most out of this course I have laid it out in a specific way.

Feel free to complete the course however you would like, but I do suggest following the format I’ve laid out for you.

I hope you enjoy it and learn lots.

Let’s get started!

  1. Your intention card will always be at the top of the page so that you can reference it each week. This card will hold a purpose for each week.
  2. Click on the image to open the Guidebook. This book will explain the module and when to watch each video and listen to each audio.
  3. There is an accompanying workbook for each video which the guidebook will prompt you when to open it up.
  4.  I would suggest doing the guidebook in sections. There are 3 different sections that you can complete in a couple days at a time.
  5. Remember that if you fall behind there is an implementation week where you can catch up!
  6. There will be a Mantra at the end of the Module page to repeat daily. A mantra is a short word or sentence that you can say to yourself often so that your brain start believing it.
  7. If you ever have questions, ah-ha moments or anything in between come on over to the Facebook page or email me at


Click to open


These videos are shared as a private video – please don’t share them with anyone else.

Video #1: Module 2.1

Video #2: Module 2.2

Video #3: Module 2.3

Soul Searching Workbook

Congrats for getting to the end of this Module. Go back and look over the materials as needed.

The next module will be open in








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