'Tis the New Year

Are you ready for it?

Wondering if you will ever truly enjoy this time of year?

Maybe you do enjoy it but get overwhelmed too often?

Tired of trying to fit in with all those outgoing extroverts running around, thriving in the season?

You're wondering how you can enjoy this season and new year without just hiding under your blanket, by the fire, with your favourite book - the whole time?

I understand being overwhelmed, anxious, trying to make it all work AND enjoying it at the same time.

I, too, got lost in the world of outgoing extroverts thinking that there was just something wrong with me and didn’t understand why I couldn’t enjoy myself.

Year after year, locking myself in the washroom at ‘get togethers’ just to get a break away from the energy.

It took me years and years of research into my traits and really understanding how I am wired to learn how to work with my strengths. This is when I really learned to enjoy the season in my own authentic way. You don’t have to do all the research and wait for many more years to learn what I did. 

I can show you how!

Stand up to overwhelm and leave your anxieties at the door.

Yes please, I'm ready!

I will teach you everything I know about truly enjoying the holidays the introverted highly sensitive soul’s way.

So, put on your favourite sweater, grab your favourite warm drink and join me beside the fire.

6 weeks to the best holiday season and new year yet!

My two best holiday programs ('Tis the season and New Year - New You) coming together to give you the ultimate toolkit.
Can't wait! I'm ready to go.

I’ll show you that you don’t have to leave your house if you don’t want to and keep your new years resolutions to make 2016 your best year yet!

Shortly, you’ll be able to ‘deck the halls’ with ‘bells of holly’ and be excited for ‘jolly ol’ St. Nick’!

The most crucial part, however, is that you will feel aligned with your true authentic self and find a calm within so you won’t have to worry about the outer world.

This 6-week program is designed for heartfelt, altruistic, caring people just like you!

Through weekly audio & PDF’s, I will show you how to put the “Happy” back in holidays and New Year.

You are ready to:

*Enjoy the holidays without the feeling of needing to retreat ALL the time

*Have fun at outings with family and close friends

*Look forward to the New Year with excitement and direction

*Keep your New Years Resolutions minus all the stressing

Don’t let another


year go by of


wishing your precious


time away.

I'm Ready, Let's Go!
You can read books and google information but at this time of year it can be even more overwhelming to be stuck with that task. And do you really want to just avoid the world until it’s over? I can get you faster results with a few tips and tools.
What’s Included?

Guided Webinars

You will get a step by step video webinar to guide you along each week

Weekly Worksheet PDF’s

You’ll get a weekly PDF file that is all sorts of fun with tips, tools and resources to help you manage your emotions and energy

Audio Meditations

These soothing meditations will help ground and center you as well as help protect your energyfrom others.

Journal Prompts

Journal prompts for reflection on your progress

Q&A Days

Ask me questions and at the end of each week I will answer all your amazing questions

Are you ready to enjoy to have the best season yet?

So, how are we walking into this “winter wonderland”?!
Module 1
Energy Grinches
Protecting your energy
Module 2
How to handle parties
Idea’s for gifts/where to get them
Module 3
Getting into the spirit
Being thankful
appreciate all you have
Module 4
Week to implement everything
Module 5
Getting ready for the New Year 
Wrapping up 2015 
Creating up your goals
Module 6
Stepping into the New Year with excitement 
Finding your true self
Removing unwanted blocks
Module 7
Keeping your energy at the right level 
getting out of your own way
Module 8
how to continue forward

This program is for you if…..


*You are highly sensitive

*You want to actually enjoy the holidays

*You want to finally be able to achieve your New Years Resolutions

*You are ready to take on this new journey one step at a time

*You are introverted *You are shy or outgoing → or anywhere in between

*You take on too many people’s energies, especially during these few months

*You get easily overwhelmed or anxious about everything going on inside of you and/or outside of you

*You can’t figure out why your resolutions never stick and figure you may as well not even make them

*You want to enjoy the holiday without going too overboard on the unhealthy part of it

Your investment: $297 $197! Save $100 until November 28th

Let's go, I'm ready!
Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program just for introverted souls?

Nope! This program will help those that are extroverted highly sensitive souls as well, however, there will be a large part of the course that is tailored to introverted people. I will go into extroverts and what they prefer but most of my tips will be geared towards introverts. If you are an extroverted HSS (Highly Sensitive Soul) then you may still benefit from the tips since you are Highly Sensitive.

What if I do enjoy the holidays but just get anxious?

This course will still help you by reducing the anxiety and allowing you to just enjoy yourself. 🙂

When does the program start?

It starts Monday, December 1st, 2015 and runs through November 6, 2015. Each Wednesday, we meet on the phone at 1pm Eastern. (All calls will be recorded in case you can’t make one.)

Will you be running the program again?

I may run a similar program next year. Since it is a seasonal program it would not be offered until next holiday/new years. I am not sure if the price will be the same or if it will change.

Do you offer any other discounts?

Yes! I do. If you purchase multiple courses (for gifts, etc.) then I do offer discounts. Message me if you have any other questions about that.

I’m not sure. I feel anxious just thinking about joining?

That’s totally okay. You are not alone with that feeling and it’s okay to feel that. I would really encourage you to step outside your comfort zone for just a little while. Once you start on your journey you’ll see that you’ll find ways of reducing that. And again, it’s totally okay to feel that!

Can I just wait until I have things a little more sorted out in my life?

Of Course!! It’s totally up to you – no pressure. I’m just offering something I think can help. I will say that there is no right time to start. You need to start working on yourself first (and usually through some guidance for faster results) before you will notice your life changing. If you wait for things to change in your life and then get ready to work on you, you may wait forever. I’ve been there, done that and found that waiting just doesn’t get you the same results.
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