Be the drop in the ocean that ripples out courage across the world

Hey There! I’m Tessa. I help you recognize your true potential, always moving to that next level while making difference in the world.


I have an unwavering belief in you & all you can do. Don’t ever give up on yourself & your dreams. 

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The 6 Key Areas for more courage, compassion, perseverance & determination to continuously up-level your life & business!

I wrote this guide for you!

Unwavering belief in


→ The fact that every person is equal and deserves kindness & respect

→ The immense capacity for humans to go way beyond where they thought they could

→ Putting people first

→ Integrity & humility which are required to achieve great success because no one is better than another

→ Allowing others to be who they are & embracing who you truly as it is necessary to achieve anything in life

→ Lifting people up when they need it, bringing compassion to the table & never letting people give up on themselves

→ The power of a group of people coming together to create real lasting change in the world through taking back & owning their power

→ Vision, courage, perseverance & tenacity are the lighthouses to life that will always guide you in the right direction and bring you home

→ That challenging or uncomfortable usually is the turning point towards success, not the stopping point

→ Life long learning & continuous growth in important for every area of life & business