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12 Day of Christmas – Day 3

12 Days before Christmas – Day 3

Watch out for sugar!!!

When you choose something to eat take a look at the sugars that are in the food or drink. For example, vitamin water that many people think is good for you is filled with unhealthy sugars. Sugars have many negative effects on your body and can make it hard to loose weight. Now, in the real world it doesn't make sense to tell anyone to stay away all together but I would suggest that you try to be careful of just how much sugar you eat each day.

To give you a perspective on this: 40 grams of sugar is just over 3 tablespoons, just under 10 teaspoons or just a little less than 1/4 cup.

So just take a quick look to make sure that your product doesn't contact a ton of sugar as some treats can have up to 55 grams of sugar!


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