One Year Mentorship Program

Embark On The Journey Of A Lifetime


You’re ready to figure it all out and I’m so glad you’re here!!!

What if I told you that in just 12 months you could live a life that is free from constant overwhelm, know how to manage your energy effectively and find a peaceful inner calm so you don’t feel like life is one big struggle.

That type of mindset will allow you to meet people who appreciate you, honour your boundaries and attract loyal friends.

What you want is a life that is yours, to be who you are without judgement. To have a small group of people who lift you up when you are down and to laugh with you when you are up. That someone who get’s that you have the best of intentions when you make plans to go for coffee but…. that in the end what you really want and end up doing is staying at home, in your PJ’s, having your coffee there.

Maybe you want to own your own business or move up the corporate ladder but there’s always been something holding you back. Maybe you don’t know what you want other than you don’t want to keep feeling like you do day in and day out. And that’s okay.

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 *to dislike people

*to push people away

*to take in other people’s energies as if it was your own

*all the intense emotions to eat

*to be in a state of overwhelm all-the-time


*You do want to live a peaceful fulfilling life

*You do want to be yourself without any worries of feeling judged

*You do want to be accepted for who you are

*You do want to live a life full of meaning

*You do want someone you can share thoughts on a deep level

*You do want to wake up every morning excited to start your day

*You do want to have a career or business that is full of passion and excitement

I was there once too

I suffered from a panic disorder, fell into a major depression, had to go on medication and had no clue how to escape it all. Through a ton of personal development books, courses, lectures, events and schooling I gained an in-depth understanding of human behaviour, the mind and brain, the psychology of people, and personality differences (to name a few) that I was finally able to comprehend why I was the way I was. I learned about things like introversion, the highly sensitive person and meditation. I found out that there was ‘nothing wrong with me’ after all. I figured out how to live a much more calm, happy and peaceful life full of passion and excitement.

It is a lifelong journey into self-reflection and practice every day. There are no quick fixes and I do not promise a fairy tale ending but I can help you get to a place where you don’t feel so stuck and trapped. A place where you don’t feel anxious every single day and aren’t worried about others reactions and the emotional pull it can have on you.

This Program Is For You If

*You are ready to create change in your life.

*Are open to new ways of thinking.

*Want a strong support structure.

*Are looking for that someone to help you get out of your own way?

*You may be looking for that passion in your life; maybe becoming a writer, an entrepreneur or a public speaker (yes, anything IS possible).  

*Ready to just live your life to the fullest!

The One Year Program

Program Details

Since it is 1:1 coaching it will all be tailored to your own needs.

Some things I help people with:


Finding your  passion in life


  • If you don’t feel that your current job is where you want to be, we can look at different options
  • You may be an entrepreneur who needs help with the business
  • Maybe you’re in the corporate world and need to upgrade your skills




  • Re-Train your brain so that it works with you and not against you
  • Find those self limiting beliefs that hold you back subconsciously
  • Figure out why you repeat the same habits over and over again even though you really want to change (Ever try to stick to a diet?)
  • Learn how to automatically program your mind to think positively instead of negatively
  • Learn how to be proactive instead of reactive




  • Learn about the different areas of the brain
  • Learn about the psychology of behaviour and habits
  • Know how to work with your mind instead of against it with small changes in behaviour
  • Understand your relationships better




  • Work with your strengths
  • Understand yourself inside and out and how you can interact with others
  • Know why other people may respond to you in a certain way



  • Know how to use your energy in a positive way
  • Understand why we can get trapped in others energies
  • Know how to protect yourself from others


And lots more!

What type of results you can expect

*Live a calm and peaceful inner life

 *Understand that your traits are a gift instead of a curse

*Keep fit and healthy so that you feel good physically

*Be able to live your truth by knowing yourself

*Live authentically instead of trying to become someone else to fit in

*Have a toolkit in order to help with those stressful moments

*Feel comfortable and confident in your own skin

*Be able to be around others without needing to hide away

*Release any of those subconscious thoughts so that you feel free to be yourself

*Grow a thriving business by being your true self

*Build long lasting relationships

Included In The Program

A Comprehensive Welcome Package

This includes a very in-depth questionnaire so that I can understand your goals, needs and wants for the next 12 months. It will help me get a better idea of who you are and what you’re looking to get out of the mentorship program.

50 - 30 Minute Laser focused coaching calls Each week

You will receive 50 – 30 Minute Laser focused, yet relaxing, coaching calls. These will be once per week for the support and accountability you need. If you do not like getting on the phone we can chat over Facebook messenger for the half hour time slot. *You can also choose 25 – 60 Minute calls bi-weekly*

Unlimited Facebook Messenger/Email Support

You will receive additional support from me through Facebook messenger and/or via email. I do try to respond within 24 hours (although I usually respond faster).

Support & Accountability

Intensive support and accountability to see real lasting change


Additional Personalized Awesome Resources

If you need additional tools or resources, I will make sure I get them to you.

6 - 20 Minute Recharge Calls

During the 3 months of coaching, you may feel you need a quick call to recenter yourself. You will get 2 extra 20 minute calls as needed. ($500 Value)

Personalized Online Support Journal

You will have access to a third party online journal where you can document your journey. You can update and writing, photos, mood charts and see your progress online (Priceless).

*This will be a third part tool and not something created by me*

2 Additional 60 Minute Coaching Calls

Included in these bonuses you will get one additional kickstart coaching call to map out our time together and an additional 60-minute celebration call to see how far you’ve come and your next steps. ($500 Value)

4 - Life Changing Toolkits

Secret tools sent via mail or email that will assist you in your journey ($750 Value)

Personalize Resource Section

This area will house how many sessions we have already used up and how many are left. This area will keep all fun and exciting ‘homework’, worksheets, audios and other helpful items. You will be able to add in your own personal suggestions and I will be able to view them and respond to you should you choose to share. (Priceless)

All of this for only $450 each month for 12 months

Pay in 3 installments of $1800 every 4 months

*Additional custom packages available if needed

**Discount offered if paid in full

Can I say how super excited I am that you're here!! I cannot wait to meet you and take this journey with you!

Are you ready to move past the overwhelm and design a life that is filled with a sense of calm and happiness? Book a clarity session to figure out if we would be a great fit 🙂 How it works: 1. Sign up for your free clarity session here 2. We will get to know each other, go over your goals, figure out what you are hoping to get out of this mentorship and answer any questions you have.

Alternatively, if you know this is for you then fill out this questionnaire and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

All subject to terms and conditions found here.

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