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I believe that everyone has the right to wake up every day feeling a sense of purpose knowing they a place in the world. There are so many gifts you have to offer and the way you can access these is to let your light shine!
And Yes, it is possible!
My name is Tessa and I’ve been where you are now. Falling into the same groundhog type day, anxious from one day to the next, feeling like there must be something else in life. People telling you that it’s just the way things are, we can enjoy life once we’re retired.
Ugh, how draining is that?
Knowing you have to live the next few decades unhappy so that once you retire you can enjoy life then.
Talk about defeated.
Through my journey, I’ve had many many ups and downs, gone sideways and backwards. I’ve twirled in circles, cried, laughed, read books, laid still on the ground from emotional numbness, listened to depressing music because it resonated with me, felt alone, felt crowded, felt like a ghost, felt overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed. Spent my way to feeling happy only to have it disappear again so, back to shopping again. I’ve maxed out my credit cards many times over…. all in the name of feeling like I meant something.
I’ve felt the void, the dark cloud, the claustrophobic bubble keeping you from breaking free. Like you just want to step out of yourself and be ‘normal’ like everyone else so that you can get on with your day.
Yes, I have been there.
That journey was the hardest I’ve ever had to go through and yet I wouldn’t change it for the world. I learned so much during those times and found ways to cope. I am forever grateful for my place in this world and want others to feel the same. To know that you aren’t alone, YOU are seen, heard and that YOU do matter. You are NOT invisible.
I offer people solutions, tools, support, accountability and guidance on how step into your own power & make a difference in the world. Because helping others is what you truly want in life.
It is possible to live a life of passion, feel good in your own skin and really like yourself just the way you are.
It’s time to feel comfortable in your own shoes and really feel alive!
Random fun facts about me:
My zodiac sign is Cancer
I am an INFP-T
Enneagram Type 4
In love with Europe!!
Part Italian and part English
If I had to choose my top three favourite sports it would be American Football, Curling and English Football (Soccer)
I am in serious Love with Coffee!!
I am not religious but I am spiritual
I used to be insanely extremly shy
I love all things psychology (and use it as teaching in my business!)
I have a passion for learning and teaching
I love love love holidays (Esp. Christmas)
I dislike watching the news so I tend to be out of the loop
I enjoy tarot readings
I’m terrible with spelling and grammar :/

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