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Do you know the answer?!

Do you know who you are? If I asked to tell me all about yourself could you?!

My name is Tessa. Yes, I am a mother of two amazing boys, a wife of 6.5 years and many other things to many other people. But… I’m also…..

Introspective. I spend a good part of my life in my own mind creating amazing worlds and ideas that few really ever come to life.

I am creative, sensitive, compassionate, understanding and extremely passionate about a few things in life.

When one of my passions is threateded I get very defensive and I will fit till the bitter end to defend those values.

I can think on my feet in a sarcastic manner but need forever to process things that are emotional.

I decide things based on how it makes me feel and I have a never ending imagination.

I am someone who is indiviualistic, hate just following the crowd and don’t actually like planning.

I like to go with the flow on some things yet need to know what’s going on in different areas.

I hate going to places for a long time (like museums, etc.) as all I want to do is write in my books, read and do creative things with my time. I have so many ideas in my mind that I just want to put them on paper all day and learn new things all the time.

I can get lonely at times but for the most part I love time alone. I like being included in things or given the option to. Even though I like to stay home most days.

I don’t like to be excluded and therefore hate surprises. I feel like I was left out – yes I know that’s odd.

I’m odd.

I’ve spent my whole life trying to fit in by being what tother people were but it just costed me my santiy and life.

I still feel out of place and awkward at times. But I feel so so so much better in my own shoes and am proud that I am different.

I’m glad that I can feel so much that I can really experience the world. I love that I understand people and situations even if I’ve never been there before.

Blessed. I am so aware of how Very Blessed I am.

I’m okay that others are not where I am in my journey and try to meet them where they are without getting pulled back.

I’m okay that people get frustrated by my choices and are not approving of them. They have that right. I’m more than okay sticking to my own decisions though.

I can feel the saddness and chaos in this world all the time. But I can finally see a lot of good things in this world to.

It’s taken me forever and ever to get to a place where I could write all that out and probably write more.

I had no clue who I was but now not only am I starting to understand it but I’m loving who I am. The more me I am the more those like me show up.

Don’t ever think it’s the end or that things will never change. YOU ARE AMAZING! You just have to find out what that means to you.


Do you want to find this understanding of who you are? Do you want a experience a sense of belonging?

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