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The Introverted Highly Sensitive Soul Cafe

This group is for people who feel they:

– Want to follow along another introverted highly sensitive souls daily life (and others in the group)

– May want a pick me up with motivational quotes

– May be a highly sensitive person

– Are a more of an introvert

– Have a love for learning and personal growth

– Like Personality Psychology (MBTI, etc.)

– Looking to live a life that is authentic and discover your true purpose

– May be an Entrepreneur

– **Likes creativity**

– Want a positive community of like minded people to engage with!

I believe that everyone is exactly where they need to be and that we all need to find a way to be kind to ourselves. Use this group as a safe and fun place to meet like-minded people where you can freely express yourself and know it will not leave this group.

Creativity Challenge!

Super exciting creative booklet that will offer suggestions for 5 full days. If you love creating then you’ll love this. 

A friend to walk beside you book – Coming end of 2019!

Beautiful Quotes

Inspirational quotes to lift your spirits. You are more than welcome to share these!


Books, websites, charities, etc. that I love 

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.

– Carol Burnett

Do you know the answer?!

Do you know who you are? If I asked to tell me all about yourself could you?! My name is Tessa. Yes, I am a mother of two amazing boys, a wife of 6.5 years and many other things to many other people. But... I'm also..... Introspective. I spend a good part of my life in my own mind creating amazing worlds and ideas that few really ever come to life. I am creative, sensitive, compassionate, understanding and extremely passionate about a few things in life. When one of my passions is...

July 2018 Printable!

Hey Everyone! I created a July 2018 printable that you may use as well. You can download it here. I'll be updating the site with more printable's shortly.  

Open When…

The answer to life

It’s a New Way!

Today is all about paradigm shifts. A paradigm is the perspective you hold on the world and everything in it. A paradigm shift is when you see something in a new light - your paradigm shifts. How does this help you? When we see something from a different perspective it can bring an awareness that we never had before. This can allow you to change your life in a way that can offer more joy. Interesting fact: The #INFP persoanlity type has an uncanny ability to see things from...

Could this be you?

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