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Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday!

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So, how can you celebrate your birthday? Tired of doing the same thing ALL the time?


Here are a few things you can consider!



  1. Stretch it out to a Weekend and/or a full week!

    Do you have different people you want to spend your birthday with? You can decide to do different things with each of them spreading out throughout the week!

    You don’t have to stick to just the one day.

  2. Go on a soul searching adventure!

    Start journalling, be creative and take a mini retreat.

    You can purchase a journal like, Wreck that journal, or use these prompts HERE. Or simply, go with the flow and just journey around anywhere!

    What this means.

    Decide to do things you don’t normally. Take a Walk in nature. Journal in the middle of a forest. Take photos of everyday things that you usually walk by and notice it in a different light.

  3. Take time just for you!

    What do you FEEL like doing right now? Feel your way into what you should do for the day.

    Do those things that bring that feeling into the day.

    Treat yourself like you would your closest friend/relative and pamper yourself.

  4. Sit in silence and gratitude!

    You can do this in many ways. You could create a SPA type experience in your own home – think candles, bubble bath (anything that makes you happy!) – you can sit on a meditation pillow and just be or you could dance in your living room and really FEEL the music.

    While doing that, think of all those things you are grateful for and that will put a smile on your face.

  5. Cry, if you want to!!

    Yes, that’s right, cry if you want to.

    It’s your birthday – what do you WANT to do? What do you WANT to FEEL? What do you NEED to release? It’s your day.

    As long as you are NOT imposing on someone else and forcing them into your way then DO what you want to. It’s a day for YOU!


Celebrate it!!


What do you do for your birthday? Join on the conversation by posting below or joining our beautiful souls at

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