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Give Yourself A Break

So you finally purchased a workout program, committed to eating healthy and drinking more water. You’re all excited and you’ve told everyone that you’re going to meet this through to the end! So you put in your video, push play and you complete your first workout. Your meals during the day consists of lots and fruits and vegetables and keeping healthy. This follows for day 2, day 3 but then day 4 comes around and you get busy. Next thing you know you haven’t pushed play for 3 days and you haven’t been eating very well. So your thought is I guess I failed and what's the point in going on.

I’m here to tell you that you will fall off the wagon and that's okay – just get back on!!!

Everyone has set backs but what’s most important is to recognize it’s happened and then move forward – Don't Quit!

Although we shouldn’t use excuses to avoid doing certain things, sometimes it is true that life just happens and you really couldn’t do what you were going to do. Or you needed those rest days as you were not feeling well or it was the holidays and you just didn’t do them. Don’t beat yourself up about, just continue and you’ll find that it will all work out in the end!!

Be kind to yourself, don’t look back, just keeping moving forward!

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  1. Pearl

    You rock Tessa


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