Continuously Up-Leveling Your Business & Life

The Dream Life Unleashed academy will have you

>> Believing In The Unlimited Power You Hold To Continuosly Break Through The Glass Ceilings That Come With Every Transformation  <<

Let’s stop that spinning hamster wheel and step off into your BEST.LIFE.EVER! 

Here’s The Truth


>> Life can be tough and challenging at times. But we DO have a choice to respond instead of react to it

>> There are things in life that will have us doubting ourselves or the direction we are going. We will be thinking that we just can’t move forward anymore. I’m here to tell you that you CAN. Human beings can continue far past where they think is possible. 

>> This academy is NOT about pushing down your emotions or putting on a front to the world. It’s about true transformation deep within YOU that will change your future in such a beautiful way


Are You Looking To


 >> Build a rock-solid mindset that allows you to handle anything that life throws at you

>> Start making decisions the are guided by your values so you can stand firm in your choices


>> Make a difference in the world doing what you LOVE to do without sacrifice or burn out

>> Understand what it means to truly belong & why it’s an important part in finding joy 

>> Increase your confidence and stand in your power to create that impact you want to make on the world



Then I want to invite you to join this HIGH-LEVEL mastermind group academy!

It’s time to INVEST into yourself.

To join a community of people who have YOUR back & embrace the opportunities that life has for you.

You’ve Been Doing All The Things




>> Reading the books

>> Being true to yourself

>> Trying to learn from others who are living to the fullest

And Now You’re Wondering Why


>> Your current actions aren’t getting you there

>> You just can’t break through the barrier that seems to be holding you back

This academy will help you GET THERE!

If you’re ready to STEP UP your game, get EXPERT training & truly OWN your life then this is life coaching academy for you!

This Academy is a personal growth incubator designed for you, the high-performance soul-driven individual looking to live at your highest self; creating your success while having fun, enjoying the process & leaving your mark on the world!

It’s all housed ONLINE because people like us THRIVE there. You get to choose and have control over when you want to interact and when you want to recharge and step back!

GET excited!

Hey there! I’m Tessa. I help you to recognize & move towards your true potential so you can continuously up-level your life & business. 


My superpower is in my intuitive ability, connecting all the dots in a split-second, & with my ambitious drive to help others live a high-level life. I have what people think of as a “sixth-sense”.

If you asked anyone who know me they would describe me as empathetic, thoughtful, value-driven & a really good friend.

I spent years learning about Psychology, personal development, Philosophy, Biology & Neuroscience which I bring into my work. I hold a BA in psychology and have completed multiple online college-level courses.

I am relentless in my pursuit to make the world a better place, to support those who want to join me in that journey and have a very driven spirit that will NEVER give up


What We Cover

Part I: Finding Your Flow


Mastering your thoughts, feelings and behaviour because this is the starting point to ANY change and success. Discovering your zone of genius which will allow you to LOVE the process of levelling up and unlock your creative flow


This isn’t just about truly discovering WHO you are (although it’s part of it), it’s about how you’re BEING. It’s about stepping into the future version of yourself that will allow you to step out of mediocrity and into greatness

Part 2: Creating Connection 

Personal Growth

Every day we are constantly evolving and changing. This section designed for personal growth and building connections to self and others


We’ll get crystal clear on what you want your life to look like and map out a fun & engaging way to get there. It’s about connecting to the high-level life YOU want to be living

Part 3: Bridging The Gap


It takes a village. The people who are at their highest self and level of life KNOW that a support system is such a KEY component to success. The academy offers many levels of support housed in different areas so you can choose the one that works best for you


Taking action is important if we want our goals to come to life! We will design a road-map to bring your vision to life!

Here's What You Get In The Dream Life Unleashed Academy

Quick Start Welcome Guide

An in-depth package that will set the focus & direction to get the most out of the program


>> This package includes things such as quizzes, questionnaires & information on how to navigate the academy.

>> We will get clear on your goals for the present and future so you confidently start in the right direction


Support & Accountability

Uniquely High-Quality Specialized coaching that is targeted for your success. (The ONE thing that ALL your other investments have been missing for lasting success!) 

>> One (1) Focused weekly Group coaching call where you can ask ALL your questions to make sure you get all the support you need

>> As well, there will be frequent check-ins to make sure that you don’t fall behind or get lost in all that’s going on

Adding Creativity & Fun

Creative action plans that speak to your strengths & unique abilities


 >> Using your unique personality and values we will create highly engaging action plans to keep the momentum going throughout the 12 months

>> We will uncover your creative style do you can be fully in line with yourself and be supported with the tools you will need to succeed

All-Inclusive Members Portal

All-In-One area for all your expert training is laid out in a simple & easy format


>> This is where all the weekly expert training will be housed, covering all things from Mindset to Implementing your action plan

>> Included in this area are downloadable guidebooks, workbooks, worksheets & checklists so you can maximize your personal growth for rapid transformation

>> Anything you’ve asked for in the group coaching calls or our private message’s will be uploaded here for you to work through

Bonuses you will get once you sign up


A Closed Community


This group is where we will connect daily for motivation, support & guidance as well as post any housekeeping items. It will be an easy way to keep things organized, engaging & for keeping you in the loop


Support Items


Specialized support items such as additional quizzes, assessments, books, journals etc. that we do not have in the welcome package to keep things fun & engaging while you continue your growth journey

Thirty Minute Session


 We’ll get together, just you and me, where we can get to know each other, understand what you are looking to get from this academy & get any questions answered that you have.


The Dream Life Unleashed academy is for you if you are: 

>> Someone who is willing to INVEST into your future for rapid transformation

>> Looking for a community of like-minded people who support and motivate each other each day

>> Committed to your success and ready to create your future by DESIGN

>> Ambitious & driven to up-level into the highest version of yourself

>> Open-Minded to learn new information and take risks that may push you out of your comfort zone

>> May be a Highly Sensitive Person (From Dr. Elaine Aron)

>>Resonate with being an Introvert

>> Are looking to be excited to jump out of bed in the morning & go to bed with a sense of fulfillment in your soul

I want to assure you that with this new program I am putting people FIRST. I’m following the No-Person left behind policy so you’ll always know you’re part of the team & KNOW that you matter. No One will be left out or feel that their dreams are not important because they ARE important



You’ve gotten this far so chances are that this is program is speaking to YOU!


I have one last question to ask you if you’re on the fence & it’s this…


If this is you then I offer you a spot into the life-transforming Dream Life Unleashed mastermind group academy!

Pay In Full Option

$4,200.00 USD

12 Month Monthly Option

$350.00 USD

By Purchasing this product you are agreeing to the purchase agreement

I would be honoured, super pumped and over the moon if you chose to join us.

If this sounds like you then I invite you to jump in, choose to begin this journey and get ready for the ride of your life!

Welcome to the tribe beautiful!

Have Questions? Check out the Q & A Below.

Can I pay month to month instead of all up front?

For Sure!!!

We have a monthly payment plan if that works better for you.

Can I just cancel at any time?

We do NOT offer refunds.

Here’s Why: The academy is for a full 12-months designed for those individuals who are READY to take things to the next level NOW. We want those who are FULLY committed to getting results and going ALL IN. I find that when people have the option to pay monthly they fade out and are not motivated enough to transform. Please let me know if you would like to talk about this in further detail.

I can't afford it.

I can totally relate to this one.

I probably spent over $100,000 on personal development and growth. 

Here’s what I figured. If nothing changes in your life then nothing changes, right?! If you’ve been sitting in the same situation for a while then chances are that in 5 years you’ll be in the exact same place as you are now. It’s very possible to do it on your own, so I’ll never say you can’t do it alone, but often it ‘takes a village’. In the end you could end up saving more time and money by fast-tracking your impact.

For me, I had to find the person who I really resonated with. I decided I was going ALL IN and was doing WHATEVER it took to get there. If you’re ready to go all in at a HIGH-LEVEL, you feel you resonate with me & you want change then the next step is DECIDING HOW you’re going to find the money! I’m not saying it’s easy – it was super hard for me but it’ll be worth it. *Said with great Love*

If you feel it’s too much right now then be sure to be in my free community cafe FB group here, I offer free quick training’s and motivational content.

If you want to chat about it more, let me know or message me here. 🙂

What if I fall behind?

No worries! You set the pace for how fast or slow you want the change to come about & where you are comfortable at. You have the program for the whole 12 months. 🙂 

I still have a question.

Send me a message here or email me:

Want to join but have questions? Send me a message and we can connect!