Out of the Darkness, Into your Light

Are you tired of feeling different & direction-less

Is it like you were dropped from another planet, no one really understands you?

Life feeling grey & mundane?

True Belonging Inner Circle

Does this sound familiar?


You often feel:

*Underwhelemd yet overwhelmed all at the same time



*Like life is just not working in your favour

*You are paralyzed by fear

*That you were made for so much more

I'm ready to leave the darkness behind

I'm Ready

I have had the fortunate pleasure of getting to know Tessa through her online Facebook Group for introverted, highly sensitive souls. Tessa is remarkably grounded, knowledgeable, empathic, and has an amazing presence online which allows her followers to feel more authentic, secure, and whole. She is an amazing coach, person, and friend. Anyone who has the opportunity of working with her will have a life-affirming, life-changing experience.

Nancy Tavares-Jones, MC, RP
Registered Psychotherapist and Personality Type Coach — Nancy

Do you DREAM about being YOU and not worrying about what others think?

Have you always wanted consistant SUPPORT that will keep you accountable and cheer you on along YOUR path?

Are you READY to step out of your own way and stop allowing fear to hold you back?

Would you like to feel COMFORTABLE with who YOU really are each and every day?

Are you prepared to be RELENTLESS in your desire to make a difference in people’s lives?

You KNOW it’s time to to end the struggle of feeling alone in a cruel world & LET OUT the SPARK you have in your soul!

How many self help books have you tried alre

ady without lasting success? Are you feeling stuck?

How much more money will you spend trying to figure it out all by yourself?

It’s taken me a lifetime of learning and getting coaching to like who I am AND be totally cool with it.

How much longer are you going to sit around wondering how you can help others in this world? 

Are you going to keep that Spark deep down inside when you know you were made to shine? 

Hi! I’m Tessa. I help passion driven introverts get to the why of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors while confidently moving past the fear and doubt holding them back from owning their strengths so they can make a meaningful difference in the world.


Out of the darkness, Into your light

The academy is a 12-month mastermind group program designed for passion-driven introverts who want make their mark on in the world!

Finding a community of people to lift you up is a must have!

I'm ready to step out of the darkness

I'm Ready

Here’s how it’s goin’ down!

Now for the awesome bonuses!

The great thing about this mastermind group program is that it’s all online. Introverts can THRIVE online because you choose when to interact and when you want to recharge and step back.

So why is it so hard to figure it out all on your own?

Because there is so much information out there that it creates overwhelm and frustration. This program is created so that you get the information needed and then its followed up with an insane amount of support! It is NOT a typical course or a once a week support call. It’s a program that has everything you need in in order to create change. You don’t need to buy anything else.

We also have a  no one is left behind policy.



If you are:

*A passion-Drived Introvert

*Looking to finally understand yourself so you can feel confident helping other people

*Want to stop feeling like there’s something wrong with you and that you just don’t fit in

*Someone who can’t seem to escape the frustrations of everyday life and is looking for that next step

*Someone who is looking for support from someone who truly cares and is invested in your success

*Open to new experiences, ready to learn and want support of other like-minded people

Then I offer you an invitation to join my newest academy.

Many courses give you some basic information and then leave you wondering what’s next and how to implement it.

Most programs will NOT offer 1:1 support, leaving you to do the course on your own.

This academy is ALL inclusive.

I spent my whole life trying to get out of the darkness and step into my life. I can offer this to you in a much faster, shorter time!

Let me help you step….

Out Of The Darkness, Into Your Light

By Purchasing this product you are agreeing to the purchase agreement

Pay In Full

Monthly Payment Option

I would be honoured, super pumped and over the moon if you chose to join us.

If you feel you’re ready, it’s your time and you feel called, then I invite you to jump in, choose to begin again and get ready for the ride of your life!

Welcome to the tribe beautiful!

Have Questions? Check out the Q & A Below.

Can I pay month to month instead of all up front?

Yes!!! We have a monthly payment plan if that works better for you.

Can I just cancel at any time?

The program is for a full 12-months with NO cancellations. The reason is that we want you to be FULLY committed to getting results and going ALL IN with your decision. If you’re joining thinking you can cancel the next month then you aren’t really committed and you most likely will not see results. 

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds due to the type of program it is

I can't afford it.

I can totally relate to this one.

I probably spent over $100,000 on personal devlopment and growth. It is really hard when your sitting in so much debt. 

Here’s what I figured. If nothing changes in your life then nothing changes, right?! If you’ve been struggling on your own this long then there’s a good chance that in 5 years you’ll be in the exact same place as you are now. It’s very possible to do it on your own but it’s very hard and sometimes the change just never comes. 

I had to find the right person who I really resonated with and then FIND the money. I decided I was going ALL IN and was doing WHATEVER it took to get there. If you’re ready to go all in, you feel you resonate with me & you want change then the next step is DECIDING HOW you’re going to find the money! I’m not saying it’s easy -- it was super hard for me but it’ll be worth it. *Said with great Love*

If you want to chat about it more, let me know. 🙂

What if I fall behind?

No worries! You set the pace for how fast or slow you want the change to come about & where you are comfortable at. You have the program for the whole 12 months. 🙂 

I still have a question.

Awsesome, head over to Facebook and send me a message! Or email me: clientcare@coachtessa.com

Want to join but have questions? Let’s chat over coffee. We will get to know each other, go over your goals, figure out what you are hoping to get out of this membership and answer any questions you have.