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How To Protect Your Energy

Energy. It’s all around us.

According to the law of conservation, “the total energy of an isolated system remains constant—it is said to be conserved over time. Energy can be neither created nor be destroyed, but it transforms from one form to another”.

Basically, energy is never created nor does it go away, it is just transformed into something new.

Can you feel the energy?

As highly sensitive people, we can send out and/or receive energy to a greater degree than most of the population. And of those 20% of the population, a percentage of that are what we may call Empaths.

You may ask, do you have to be an empath to have your energy drained? No, I wouldn’t say so as highly sensitive people do take in a lot of stimulus from the outside world.

So the all important question becomes, how do I protect myself from all this energy I receive from the world around me? How can I transform it so that I am able to handle it?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Use your breath
    1. Such an amazing tool. You have all these feelings going around in your body and thoughts roaming in your head. Take in at least 10 very deep breaths. In through your nose and out through you mouth. When you breathe out try to put your breath out so that you are almost in a whistle. You will hear your breath exit your body. Think of a soft coloured light (whichever feels good to you) entering in through your nose and spreading a calmness throughout your body and when you exhale think of all the stresses leaving your body.
  2. Have a catch phrase
    1. When you are breathing in say a mantra such as, “I am safe” and as you breathe out say “I am calm”. This will help your mind center itself and allow you to focus on you and your own feelings.
  3. Be in the present moment
    1. When you feel others energies around you, it can throw you in a loop all over the place. You may head into the past or the future and have troubles staying here in the present moment. Who you want to when you’re so overwhelmed? So as your breathing try to bring your awareness back to the present moment. And as you are saying your catch phrase it will allow you to stay here in the moment knowing that it is a safe and loving place to be.
  4. Allow it to run through you
    1. When we feel something that we portray as negative or have a feeling we don’t want we tend to resist them. Our body can go into survival mode and want to protect us. At that point, we don’t usually use rational thought but that of an animal stuck in a trap. One way to counter this is to just be. Allow your thoughts to flow without following them and image your body as a vessel for energy flowing around. Don’t try to move it, change it or resist it. Use the other techniques here to ground yourself and breath into it and out of it. By not attaching yourself to the feelings you are not being controlled by them. This one can be very tricky to learn but is so important and helpful once you can do it.
  5. Avoid judgement
    1. As we sit there in stillness and in the present moment we will try to attach to a thought and then we may judge it. “I can’t do this, there must be something wrong with me”, “Ugh, there I go again, judging myself”, “Oh and again, why can’t I just sit here?”, “I don’t think this is working”, “I’m useless”. Instead, try this; “I can’t do this, there must be something wrong with me”, “Ugh, there I go again, judging myself”, “I just had some thoughts and that’s okay”, “I am safe. I am calm”. And back to the breath. Allow yourself to be human and then bring yourself back to the moment.
  6. Speak to yourself in the third person
    1. Try and speak to yourself as you are speaking to a friend. For example, If I’m telling myself I am not attractive I may say – “Tessa, you are beautiful”, or if I am thinking “I can’t do anything right” you may say “Tessa, there is nothing wrong with you. You are amazing and when the time is right it will all work out.” When we say our name it activates a different area of the brain and then saying the positive talk as if it was a friend will help take you to a deeper level.
  7. Reach out
    1. When in doubt, reach out. Find somewhere to go, someone to talk to or something to write on. Figure out what you can use as a support system. A journal, a friend, an online group, a counsellor, etc. Know where you can reach out to and do that. Everyone needs help and it’s totally okay to ask for it. It’s even necessary.

This is by no means an exhausted list, but it is a start. Start small and don’t expect to be able to do it all at once.

I would love to know how you protect your energy? Do you find that you take in a lot of energy from around you? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time; Search your soul. Find Yourself. Live Authentically.



  1. Michael

    This is so good, Tessa. What I love most is that you offer tips and techniques that are powerful and accessible. It’s so important to balance the energy within ourselves so that we can show up in our most empowered form. I like to use breathing and the catch phrase technique the most. This article has reminded me of how helpful and simple these tools are and I’m also reminded of how important it is for me to use them. When I consistently remember to breathe, I am immediately reconnected to my body and the space around me. Everything gets clearer and it’s so much easier to relax and focus when I slow down and breathe. And the catch phrase (or mantra as I call it) helps me to connect to the wise and knowing part of me. It’s like a trigger that reminds me of who I really am. Thank you for sharing these amazing tips. It’s such a great reminder.

  2. Lehua

    Love this post Tessa. I’m somewhat of an empath, which made it really difficult for me to stick to school counseling as a career (can anyone say crisis counseling?). Having these strategies under my belt would have helped… I got some insight from your 3rd person technique and letting energy run through you. I love that idea… It’s like dancing with the storm instead of resisting. Recently, I’ve learned how to let go of ego and self-judgment which helps too. For instance, the other day, I made a really stupid decision, and my husband had to spend hours fixing my mistake, and during that time my language went from self-blame and “gosh, you’re so stupid” to “you made a bad decision but you didn’t know any better. Now you do. You’ll learn from it. Things will get better.” Separating who I am from the subjectiveness of my actions really helped me get through it without beating myself up into a pulp over it.

    Thank you for the list. I’m going to try more of these when it comes up again. 🙂

  3. Kieta

    Thank you for the tips on re-centering as well as the AHA that popped up for me. This morning my energy was a MESS, scattered, angry, confused, hurt. I was really irritated with myself for being there after a concentrated effort last night to get into the present and detach from drama. As I’m reading this, I recognize that while I personally detached from drama, I did not energetically disconnect from those who were insisting on staying in it. Even from a distance, I was picking up on their fear and pain from their choice to remain in suffering. As soon as I began breathing, I let go of their fear and had more space to re-address my own. So great. 🙂 Oooooohhhhhhmmmmmm!!!


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