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It’s Not A Race

Don't run through life so fast that you forget not only where you've been, but also where you're going. Life is not a race, but a journey to be savoured each step of the way.

-Stephen Richards

What is the purpose of life? Do you ever feel lost and you cannot figure out why?

As humans we need meaning in our life. We need a sense of belonging and a purpose and therefore we are forever searching for it.

So what is the meaning or purpose of life?

There are many different opinions. Some say religion and following God and some say there is no purpose and that we are just here.

If we can look at life as a journey and a way of knowing ourselves, we will end up finding our purpose in life. This is different than just accepting a life we sort of like, it means you are excited to wake every morning to do what you are passionate about.

So, how do we actively participate in this journey of life?

Here are some things to think over, journal even.

  1. Life is a journey and like the quote above says, it’s not a race.  We live in a society that thrives on being so fast paced that we feel like we need to change right away or things will never change. You do need to decide to change your ways, however, there’s nothing saying if everything happens overnight that you should give up. Take for example, someone who has been over weight since they were 20 and they are now 30. It has taken them 10 years to get to the point where they are now so it will take a while to lose the weight and get healthy again. But just start with today, do something today that in 10 years will change your life. Enjoy the time it takes to get there or you will end up missing out on part of your life.
  2. Life is about finding the little things to make us smile. We are so busy in our lives and in society that we miss some of the little things in life. When you feel the warmth of the sun on a cold day, you find a five dollar bill on the road or you make the perfect cup of coffee. These are things that we should stop, take a quick moment and really enjoy. Savour these moments as they are part of life which are not focused on enough and can bring so much joy.
  3. Life is about finding what you love. This one is a tricky but for a few moments pretend that money, time or education was not a problem. What would you be doing? Find something that you love and then get paid to do it. This is usually where people find an excuse to not do what it is they want by saying they don’t have time, money, education, or they don’t know how. There’s a saying where there’s a will, there’s a way and it is very true. You have it in you; you just need to reach deep ad find it. And it may not come overnight so it will be something that you need to brainstorm for a few minutes each day but image how great it would feel to do what you want?
  4. Life is about relationships. It is about building connections and sharing experiences with others. Some of these people will come in and out of your life and others will stay forever.
  5. Life is about learning and experiencing. It is about making mistakes and learning from them. It’s learning about yourself and who you are, having an experience and growing just because of it.
  6. Life is mostly about just being. We are human beings and we need to learn to be that. We are not doings, we need to just be! Just for a moment close your eyes and take 5 full slow breathes in and out. This calms our body and allows our body to relax a little more. Also, thoughts run around in our mind’s every day. Sometimes we need to just allow them to run around without taking notice of any of them in particular – just let them be.

Life is not about getting rid of our challenges. We will never be fully stress free, free of fear or free of difficult decisions but we can learn how to work with them and know that you are not alone in it.

Please let me know what you think and if you have anything to add.

I wish you love, happiness and success.

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  1. mum

    That was so nice reading your thoughts Tessa, you have such a compasonate heart. Your kind words will help everyone.


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