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Who are you really? Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet you can find it HERE.


I’m going to explain how knowing about personality psychology can help you.


The psychology of personality is about figuring out how your brain is wired. It is how our brains process information and use it to view the world and make decisions. It’s what can make one person scream in anger while another retreat into a room when given the exact same situation.


Every one of us has a unique way of seeing the world through the filter of our brain.


It’s as if we are all given a unique set of glasses to view the world. When we take our glasses off nothing makes sense and we can’t use any of our senses so therefore we have to wear the glasses.


Some glasses are red, some have clear lenses, some yellow, etc.


As you can imagine each person would be looking at the world differently because each person has a different colour lens.


Your brain is that lens, we can’t change it.


For example, if you are introverted, then you will never be extroverted.


This doesn’t mean that we are stuck in a certain pattern for our whole lives.


The amazing thing about personality is that once you learn and understand it you can choose to grow into it. So it isn’t saying that you’re not good enough as you are but it’s all about personal growth throughout life and developing into your best traits.


For example, if you usually lead with anger, you can learn how to become assertive instead of yelling.


If you’ve ever felt trapped but didn’t know how to move forward or if you’ve felt almost addicted to being sad (because you didn’t know any other way) then this will help you.


The freedom, serenity and peace this can bring into your life is magical!


Of course, you do need to learn about it and make the changes yourself. This isn’t always easy but at least you’ll know which road you want to take.


If you want to learn more then head over to part 3

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