If you’re new here then a big Welcome to the community and if you’re returning then a big Welcome back!

I invite you to pull up a chair and grab your favourite drink, I’ve just poured my coffee.

Shall we begin?

I created this site with you in mind who:

  • Feels overwhelmed often
  • Gets anxious but you don’t know why
  • Finds that bright lights and sounds can be too much
  • Takes on others energies, feelings, emotions
  • Has others tell you to not take things so personally or be so sensitive
  • Feels very deeply
  • Notices your energy gets zapped quickly
  • Has people tell you that you need to get out more often
  • Doesn’t understanding why you just want to hide out in your house so often
  • (And so lots more!)

First of all, I want to say that you are in good company and there is nothing wrong with you. These traits are those of the introverted highly sensitive person. People with these two traits take in more sensory than the rest of the world & therefore we take in more information leaving us drained of energy and overwhelmed

In order to help you understand what it means to be an introverted highly sensitive person, I’m going to take you down ‘the yellow, introverted highly sensitive, brick road’.

So, grab your drink, come along side me and I’ll take you to….

ThE sTaRt

The beginning of the journey starts [insert your birth date]

There is a trait that you developed and it made your nervous system more sensitive, yes it is something you are born with and it is something you will have forever; just like having blue eyes.

It may look like this:

As a child you were told you were ‘too sensitive’, ‘you don’t have to cry over it’ or ‘your so shy’. Really inside you were as strong as ox but just felt on a very deep level.

You may have hid in the corners when others were around, trying to become part of the wall or maybe you felt like a ghost, not really fitting into a mold. You saw other people as confident, outgoing and care free. And you felt insecure, worried and unsure of how to cope in this world; like there was something wrong with you. All of these feeling that surrounded you day in and day out left you confused and exhausted. You dreaded gym class because you were always picked last and you pretended to be ill if you had to give a presentation because it was just too overwhelming.

All you wanted was some time alone or with a certain close friend to re-charge and let your ‘true colours’ come out.

tHe MiDdLe

Throughout high school/College/University you fought to fit in with the ‘regular’ people. You may have tried to be outgoing or maybe you ended up doing something that was so out of your nature that to this day you regret ever doing. When speaking to yourself you may have thought “What is wrong with me”? Or “Why can’t I just be normal”? “(Whatever that is!) You were craving to just fit in somehow.
Feeling overwhelmed at all the courses with their short deadlines and at times didn’t even know how to think or understand your own thoughts.

You may have had a handful of very close friends that helped you get by or maybe you preferred to just be on your own. People may have given you weird looks because you didn’t like to socialize the same way they did.

What a whirlwind those years were!

And somewhere in there you may have figured things out. How to work and fit into this world or maybe you haven’t. Either one is totally fine. But I assure you that you have found some sort of coping technique, good or not so good, in order to handle all these feelings & emotions. You may have turned to drinking, eating, buying things, isolating yourself; something, just to fill the void inside.

And maybe you landed a typical 9-5 job (because that’s what we’re supposed to do, no?!), dreading stepping foot into the office. Ugh, don’t even talk about the dreaded Mondays. The only way to get through those days is to check out Facebook with people posting things about hating Mondays, it just allows you to connect.

So here you are. You have survived and you’ve figured out some ways to live.

But you’re not really happy, there’s something that’s just out of your reach and you can’t quite grasp it yet.

You still feel that there’s something wrong with you and you still have all those same traits and emotions.

I will let you know that it is a….

fOrEvEr JoUrNeY

And no, the rest of the story is up to you

My role in all of this is to help you understand what it means to be an introverted highly sensitive person and break free from all the negative self talk and pursue all of those things you want out of life

You don’t have to hide in the shadows, you are a wonderful person full of many talents that the world needs!

So from here, where do you go?

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Remember that this is your journey but you don’t have to walk it alone.

Thanks for hanging out. I look forward to connecting with you and wish you all the best



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