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Tips for the holiday

It's already that time of year again – Christmas! This is one of my favourite holidays with all the decorating, the lights up celebration-315079_1280and families and friends coming together. It's also a time of very yummy food and desserts which you can never get enough of. I can picture the delicious turkey with cranberry sauce, the mashed potatoes with gravy and dinner rolls followed by amazing pumpkin or apple pie of course with some whip cream! Then you wonder if you should go back for seconds, it is the holidays after all right?

This isn't just one day thought it can be multiple depending on how many family and friends you have. It can be Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing day and possibly more.

It is so easy to eat way too much during this time because people do think "Well it's Christmas and I deserve to eat as much as I want and enjoy myself". Until a few days later when you start regretting the decision to eat as much and anything you wanted to.



I would like to offer a few tips on 'surviving' the holidays so that you still enjoy it but you may feel a little better in the days after.

1. Drink lots of water. I know this one is boring but sometimes we are actually thirsty but it is masked as still hungry which can cause us to overeat. Throw in some type of fruit if you want to give it a little flavour.

2. Watch your portions!! This one is huge. So many of us are so excited for our amazingly yummy Christmas dinner that we go all out and take a few portions worth of food…. and then we can't eat it all! Start with just a small bit of each food you like for example, maybe take a half a bun roll and only one scoop of mashed potatoes (I  know those are both carbs and if you can only choose one then do so but if not then just cut the portions down). When I started doing this I found that I could actually finish my meal and still was okay for a little bit of dessert. Oh and same goes for the dessert. If there is pie, cake, pastries and you just have to try one (or two) then stick with small portions. Desserts pack a ton of calories and sugar which leaves you feeling sleepy and slow.


3. Watch out for the drinks. Did you know that many people can take in all their calories in just drinks alone? For example, if you had a glass of egg nog, one glass of wine and then you wanted a nice latte with dessert you would add in an extra 672 calories! Does this mean that you can't enjoy your drinks? No! Again, just watch how much of each you are drinking. Maybe try a non-fat milk instead of full fat and be careful of the amount of sugars in the drink.

4. Try and get a little bit of exercise. I get it, this one is hard for most people because they are so busy getting ready and just don't have time to workout. Try these quick workouts, they won't take up much time but you'll be getting your blood flowing:

*12 Jumping Jacks

*Run in place for thirty seconds – repeat twice

*8 Squats

*3 Push ups

*10 sit ups

*Do some gentle stretches once finished

5. Enjoy yourself. Do your best to eat well and try not to stress over what happened.

I wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday. ­čÖé

Tessa Armstrong



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