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What You NEED To Know About Your Birthday

Since today is my birthday I thought it was only fitting to write about them.


So many people skip their birthday or say that they don’t want it to come around. And many also feel that they are just for children and once you hit a certain age you should stop having them.


Here are my thoughts on this:


  1. The day you were conceived you were meant to change this world. You have a message inside of you that the world needs to hear. Someone out there needs to hear what you have to offer. And I know that you have already changed someone’s life just by being here, even though you don’t know it!


    This NEEDS to be celebrated.

    Your message, your life, your passion, YOU are a GIFT to the world.

  2. Other people care about you!

    Sometimes it’s a simple as others wanting to pamper you, recognize you and say that “you are important to me and I want to celebrate that”.

    So LET them!

  3. You only have this moment – right NOW!

    Think about it, in 10 years you will wish you were the age you are now. In 30 years you would give anything to go back to this age.

    So, ENJOY it while you can.

    We get so stuck in the past with how the “good old” days of being young are gone and we wish for today that we could go back in the past to relive those days.

    I have some VERY exciting news for you – you are living in that past NOW!!!

    What I mean by that is this birthday, this year – it IS that past you will think about in the years to come. WISHING you could turn back that clock. While here it is, the clock is just where you wanted it – turned to where you will wish for it to be in the future.

    Capture it, celebrate it and cherish each and every moment you are here.

4. This is a BIG one!

UNDERSTAND that not everyone gets to have this day.

It’s sad to think about, but there are so many people out there that will NEVER get a chance again to have another birthday, to take another breathe, to celebrate that they are LIVING!

Disease, Accidents, Tragedies. 🙁

People at all different ages, NEVER to see the sun again.

Life is too short and too precious NOT to celebrate.

I’m not saying that you HAVE to be happy go lucky all the time or that you cannot have a bad day.

What I’m saying is take the opportunity to really cherish that you are still here. You can STILL spend time with those you love and you can still do those things you love. (And if you haven’t found that yet – NEVER give up!).


My heart aches and my soul breaks a little when I hear people say that birthdays happen every year and that it’s not important.

And, PLEASE, allow others to buy stuff for you!!! They want to do it because it makes them FEEL good. If you want, you can tell them that’s it’s not necessary but if they want to do it then just say “Thank You” (I’ve had people ask me why I buy them things – because YOU are SPECIAL and I WANT to!!).

So, how CAN you celebrate your birthday?

Check It Out HERE!

I’d love to hear from you – what are your thoughts on birthdays?! Leave a comment below or head over to my facebook page @


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